Who am I?

Heidi Verbeke

I've been exploring different forms of self development since my childhood.  As a single mother of 2 beautiful sons I've learned -through good and bad times- to discover my inner self and to take the growth proces of my live into my own hands.
Since childhood I've been fascinated by animals and their unconditional love touched my heart.

In my dreams unicorns kept appearing with the same message: 'Believe in the magic of your dreams'.

Back in August 2014 everything started for Dolphin Heart whilst fulfilling one of my childhood dreams: swimming with dolphins.  With Dolphin Heart I wanted to give other people the opportunity to experience and connect with dolphins whilst swimming with them.
             "Believe in the magic of your dreams "

Some years later our name changed to Dolphin Heart Center. Our center aims to be a platform for self-consciousness, personal growth and healing.   Our center offers a variety of paths to reach your inner self.
What would you like to bring into this world?