Personal growth whilst traveling with dolphins

take your journey to the next level !

During travel the focus is on self love and self preservation.  You can only be kind to another person if you take care of yourself.  You are the mirror for another human being whilst they are act as a mirror for you.  Your individuality is touched by the energy of the dolphins  You don't necessarily have to swim right next to the dolphins to experience the knowledge and wisdom they want to transfer to you.

That's exactly why I offer different journies.

Egypt: during this trip, their physical form is the center of attention; however we focus to integrate their knowledge in our personal path to grow.  When swimming with or interacting with Dolphins you feel like you're being scanned.  In that moment they are actually looking at your aura through their sonar; whilst scanning they immediately detect your blockages.  They will challenge you to grow in many different ways.  It's up to you however to decide if you want to grow  and at what pace.  My goal is to - together with the dolphins - guide you through this process.

This is an 8 day journey on a luxury yacht.  We live on board of the luxury yacht during the entire journey, completely as one with nature.

Price: 1550 euro including flight Brussels - Marsa-Alam, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages included, personal guidance, massage

Not included: visa (aprox. 30 euro) and tips for the crew of the yacht (aprox. 40 euro)

Mexico: the Dolphins swim by twice a day,  but we can't guarantee physical interaction.  It's entirely up to the dolphins if they want to share this, so we choose to focus on their energy.

This is an 11 day journey including 3 days in the U.S.  We will be visiting Sedona, which is famous for her vortexes and hot water sources.  For the remaining 7 days we remain in Mexico in a beautiful mansion near the beach right in the middle of nature.  We will visit the sea lions on Bird Island by boat and during the trip t to Bird Island we will have a good chance to encounter dolphins.  Other activities can also be organised.

Price: 999 euro including accommodation in the U.S. and Mexico. 
Transfers during stay, personal guidance, trips, meals & drinks in Mexico. and massages are included.

Not included: Flight Brussel - Phoenix (aprox. 500 euro), lunch and dinner in the US.

All voyages include daily meditation.  Only in silence are we able to hear the language of the heart and absorb the unconditional love of dolphins in every fiber of our body.  Through massage we are able to heal.  I will also be using precious stones, sound, aroma's and colour to improve the healing process.

Aquabalancing is a tool to touch people and to support the healing process.

Through personal coaching I want to guide you with love and attention towards your own wishes and push and support your boundaries in searching your mission and your meaning of life.

We will investigate blockages and heal them if necessary.


Your reservation will only be accepted after our confirmation. We reserve the right to cancel when not enough participants register.

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